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Laurianne's Raw Cakes

Cherry & Chocolate cake


I was tempted to call this cake Mon Chéri like the Ferrero Mon Cheri Chocolates filled with cherry brandy liqueur but I thought it might be a bit confusing. I like the names of my cakes to be just simple, self-explanatory and straight to the point. The fact that my cakes are raw is already confusing enough for most people! :)

This new cake is really creamy and sweet with a subtle cherry flavour. Almond, cacao and cherry is just a great combination of flavours. I think this is my new favourite (until the next creation I am sure!) I hope you like it too!

I am happy to include this cake in my cake box selection if you want. Just email me your request.

You can also order this cake in individual cake pot via my Etsy shop (UK postage available)

The Cherry & Chocolate cake only contains:

  • cherries
  • almonds
  • raw cacao
  • dates
  • cashew nuts
  • agave
  • coconut flakes & oil

To order please get in touch, I would love to hear from you - 

Remember I only operate around Glasgow (UK) & Killearn areas. For further information please check my T&Cs and Delivery page.

To order a Cherry & Chocolate cake pot, visit my Etsy shop.

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